Black Friday Scam

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams This week sees the return of the phenomena of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These marketing events are significantly driving up the increase in online sales in the run up to Christmas.  2017’s Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in history and was mobile’s first $2 billion day. This weekend has become … Read More

GDPR & Data Breaches

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  GDPR & Data Breaches 6 Months On. The value of the average data breach fine issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK has doubled in one year, reaching £ 146,000, according to the City Law firm, RPC. The total value of fines imposed by the ICO has risen by 24% compared to 2017, reaching just under … Read More

Security Training-Marketing

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Consider Security Training as Security Marketing As over 90% of security incidents are connected to human error, many companies are initiating security training to counter the risks to business. However, that exceedingly high figure would make you reconsider what’s happening with the security training. The problem can be that the content is boring, mandatory and a one case fits all … Read More

€3 Million CEO Fraud | Phishing Attack

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€3 Million CEO Fraud from a Phishing Attack on an Office 365 Account. Finnish antivirus company, ‘F-Secure’, reports on a phishing attack on an Office 365 account this week that nearly cost the company €3 Million.  One of the employees of the Finnish investment firm received a phishing email that enabled a €3 Million CEO Fraud Scam.  It started with … Read More

CyberheistNews Vol 7 #26 [HEADS UP] Ransomware Now Hits Linux – Web Hosting Provider Pays a Million

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CyberheistNews Vol 7 #26 [HEADS UP] Ransomware Now Hits Linux – Web Hosting Provider Pays a Million South Korean web hosting company Nayana agreed to pay a whopping 1 million in Bitcoin after a ransomware attack hit their 153 Linux servers. The attack took place June 10 and resulted in over 3,400 business websites the company hosts being encrypted. According … Read More