Data Protection

Need to refocus on recovery rather than backup ?
Need to reduce the costs of file sharing ?
Need secure cloud storage ?
Want to replace file servers, NAS appliances?

While many small businesses have big IT requirements, bordering on enterprise-grade in some cases, they are constrained by tight budgets and a shortage of in-house IT personnel. When it comes to storage and data protection, they face an impossible choice between overpriced enterprise solutions and cheap but inadequate consumer-level solutions.

S3 offer a number of innovative cloud-integrated solutions allowing your business to refocus away from the traditional, administration heavy, local hardware and licensing requirements of the last decade.

Why have the headache when you can give it to someone else!

S3 has been providing its clients with disaster recovery, backup, storage, file sync & share andf related solutions since its inception. It has leveraged its expertise in these solutions across many industries to provide its clients with rapid return on investment.

S3 has in-house expertise in many data protection technologies, enabling it to deliver projects from single day product enablement and knowledge transfer engagamenets through the full project lifecycle including desing & assessments, gap analyses, re-engineering and customisations.

Here are a few of the leading brands we work with to provide you maximum benefit from your investment:

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