Black Friday Scam

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams This week sees the return of the phenomena of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These marketing events are significantly driving up the increase in online sales in the run up to Christmas.  2017’s Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in history and was mobile’s first $2 billion day. This weekend has become … Read More

In-house or hosted email: Making the case for the Cloud

Tony MasonEmail Monitoring, GFI MailEssentials

Deciding between in-house or hosted email options is one of the most important decisions a business can make. Email forms the heart of how most people communicate today and nowhere is this more apparent than in the workplace. The broad availability and adoption of broadband has meant email has quickly risen to overtake both the traditional telephone and the more … Read More

10 Tips to Improving your Email Security

Tony MasonEmail Monitoring, GFI MailEssentials

Email is constant with billions of messages sent every month and hundreds received into someone’s inbox every week or even every day. But any of these messages could be a hidden time bomb containing something far more dangerous than the latest newsletter or response to an earlier query –  malware or a virus.  

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