10 Things You Must Do About Your Email Security Right Now!

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Billions of email messages are sent every day and inside any one of them could be a ticking time bomb – a virus sent under the guise of an innocent message.


is your email security strong enough to cope with the myriad of attacks?

It would be easy to stop attacks if hackers only used one way to try and exploit an email but unfortunately there are a myriad of ways and it’s getting worse every day.

But just why is email so vulnerable? Unfortunately, there are inherent weaknesses due to the nature of how email works. Passwords can be easily discovered and once a hacker has access to a user’s email content, it opens up the rest of the company to attack.

Quite often people won’t even be aware of these attacks until the user gets a reply from one of their contacts asking about suspicious mail. And sometimes if the purpose of the email is only to spread spam, they won’t notice unless their email client’s performance slows to a crawl.

Because of its nature, email is vulnerable. For most of us it is the one program we use the most and we spend so much time with it, it can be hard to keep up with the volume of legitimate contact without weeding out the spam.

Here are 10 tips to ensuring you do the most to protect your company’s emails:

  1. Demand passwords
  2. Stop data leakage with content filtering
  3. Stop spam before it really stinks
  4. Stop breaches with content filtering
  5. Make malware go away
  6. Block breaches
  7. Consider compliance
  8. Training and best practices
  9. Fight phishing
  10. Implement defence in depth

It’s better if these are all integrated into a single program and it’s even better if it offers a chance to run these defences either on the Cloud or on the business premises. This is where GFI software can help.

GFI MailEssentials has three versions ranging from full-on unified protection with anti-virus/anti-malware, and spam protection; an anti-spam/anti-phishing edition; and a pure anti-virus/anti-malware tool.

As a partner with GFI, we are offering you a free MailEssentials 30-day trial.  Simple to set up, easy to use and with no obligations.  Just see how it works.  Receive your free trial today.

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