API Performance Monitoring

Ensure your API’s are performing as expected…

During production, ensuring your API’s are running correctly is vital for app performance and the final end-user experience.

AlertSite allows you to monitor availability of API endpoint, response time of the calls and functional correctness of the APIs. You can monitor internal, external or 3rd party APIs with AlertSite. Proactively monitoring APIs during the development phase and later in production enables you to solve any issues before they impact your customers.

AlertSite allows you to monitor your most critical business transaction, without requiring any coding. It helps with root cause identification and gives code level visibility through its integration with key APM vendor

Key Benefits

  • Monitor actual functionality by re-using functional tests used in pre-production
  • Ability to use simple up/down testing, no need for a test case
  • Track network & transaction response times with real time alerts directly to you
  • Simple to use, no coding required
  • Measure performance globally 24/7 on mobile, tablet or desktop

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