Are you prepared for Microsoft Forefront end of life?

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With the news that Microsoft Forefront – including MS Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server – is being discontinued could it be time to consider a switch?


Microsoft’s new product, Exchange Online Protection, will be taking over from Forefront from January 1st 2016 but for many existing customers it won’t be a simple to migrate to the new solution.  The existing Forefront Protection for Exchange is an on-premises solution whereas the new Exchange Online Protection will be a hosted email security solution.

When your vendor changes direction in such a way that their product line becomes incompatible with your business needs, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Do you keep using the existing product line?
  2. Do you change your business strategy so you’re able to use their new product?
  3. Do you stop using the old product and not replace it with anything else?
  4. Do you switch vendors?

Using an old product will not offer you the right level of protection your business needs, especially when support for that product ends.

Time to choose GFI MailEssentials?

So we come the heart of the issue. Should you change business strategy or vendor? Both are viable options, but changing business strategy is tricky to implement. For some organisations remaining with an on-premises solution from a different vendor may make sense. Indeed, emails often contain confidential information and when using hosted solutions to process that data, a business opens itself to various risks.

However, it’s not all bad news. Other vendors can offer you the same feature set you’ve already got, thus making your security model more robust.  Plus you’re not exposing your business to new risks just to keep the old ones associated with using an Exchange Server.

If you’re an MS Forefront user, you should be considering your options. GFI MailEssentials is a robust anti-spam and email filtering solution which protects your network from email-borne threats.

Using a multi-layered system, MailEssentials ensures the 24/7 security of your email flow through a combination of:

  • Up to 5 leading anti-virus engines that protect users from malware and phishing attacks
  • 14 email hygiene engines delivering a 99.9% spam capture rate with zero false positives
  • Hassle-free spam management
  • Protection against email exploits and Trojans
  • Designed to grow as you do with centralised management capabilities for multi-server or distributed environment.

As a partner with GFI, we are offering you a free MailEssentials 30-day trial.  Simple to set up, easy to use and with no obligations.  Just see how it works.  Receive your free trial today.

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