Editors’ Choice award for S3 partner SmartBear

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AlertSite helps keep your website fast and responsive on all devices

AlertSite helps keep your website fast and responsive on all devices

AlertSite by SmartBear has been named Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine for giving businesses complete visibility into their websites and web applications.

S3 is an AlertSite partner and we use its capabilities to offer real-time sophisticated monitoring and reports across all platforms for our clients. PC Magazine awarded the software the title of Editors’ Choice for best Web Monitoring Software 2015.

Among the pros in the citation were:

  • Straightforward incidence response and alerting service which eases the communications burden for IT infrastructure management teams.
  • A multitude of supported monitoring platforms.
  • Easy to use and powerful GUI scheduling and escalation policy screens.
  • Excellent in-depth help available online.
  • Worked flawlessly during testing.

Cost effective

One of the other things which PC Magazine highlighted was the highly cost-effective Pro plan and the addition of best-in-class synthetic monitoring for mobile applications and APIs as well as its website and web application monitoring.

Denis Goodwin, Director of Product Management for AlertSite at SmartBear, said: “We are excited that AlertSite has been named Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine.”

Speed and convenience

In today’s digital world, modern businesses rely heavily on their online presence – website and/or mobile applications. The convenience and speed with which consumers interact with websites, the way they browse and buy products, engage with content, and benefit from the website’s functionality, are all critical for the customer experience. If any of them aren’t running at maximum efficiency then it can make a huge impact on your business’ bottom line.

PC Magazine tested and compared five of the best website monitoring services of 2015 and cited AlertSite’s advanced alerts for availability and performance for being the fastest and containing the most accurate and relevant information. Another point of emphasis was on ease-of-use of the platform.

The review also noted AlertSite’s intuitively designed user interface (UI) and customisable alerting and reporting capabilities.

However, PC Magazine concluded that the main reason why SmartBear AlertSite Pro was an Editors’ Choice was because its pricing was one of the few plans across all of the products to fall within a reasonable price range for SMBs, with a properly useful feature set to back it up.

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