Enterprise Security

Expose, analyse and eliminate…just knowing is not enough

Threats must be eliminated. Completely.

Just detecting advanced malware is not enough. True cybersecurity comes in the ability to eradicate threats from your network and knowing with 100% confidence that your organization is malware-free. We listen to clients and deliver innovative technology and services that give you the power to do more. By offering a new breed of cybersecurity technology our solutions detect the world’s most sophisticated malware – including Advance Persistent Threats (APTs) and targeted attacks – and empower you to completely eliminate those threats from your network.

S3 has been providing best of breed enterprise security solutions to UK businesses for the last 8 years. We have come to specialise in endpoint security, identity access management/2 FA/SSO and cloud application security in the last few years and can offer our clients expert advice in these areas.

Leveraging our design and product expertise to ensure all of our clients enjoy the best solutions available we have become the largest European supplier for many of our technology partners enabling us to offer you the best possible terms. We offer the best solutions at the gateway, at the endpoint, in the cloud and everywhere in between!

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