KnowBe4 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Update

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM).  Therefore, to help celebrate, KnowBe4 has fresh content updates and new features. Plus they have a great security awareness resource kit.

Check out your 2020 NCSAM Resource Kit from KnowBe4. Firstly this includes resources for your users like infographics, cybersecurity awareness tips and new posters. In addition they have their most popular security awareness assets and a sample training plan.

KnowBe4 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resource Kit

We hope these resources help you keep your organisation safe throughout the month of October! Access your resource kit here today.

KnowBe4 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month PRODUCT UPDATES – October 2020


Language Localisation in the Phish Alert Button for Microsoft 365.
We are excited to announce the availability of KnowBe4’s enhanced Phish Alert Button (PAB) for Microsoft 365 with the new language-aware feature! 

With this new version of the PAB, you can now enable languages in your Phish Alert settings. You can then automatically display the preferred language based on your users’ system language settings. The same languages (22) offered for the KnowBe4 Learner Experience, are supported for this version of the Phish Alert Button. Also, you have the ability to add custom languages by adding them to your manifest file and reinstalling the PAB.

Phish Alert Button for Microsoft 365

As a result, this localisation enables your users to interact in a more immersive experience for reporting suspicious emails through their Phish Alert Button.  Plus this also reinforces the learning experience when accessing their KnowBe4 training in their preferred language.

KnowBe4 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – QUARTERLY PRODUCT UPDATE VIDEO

Every quarter, the KnowBe4 Technical Content team creates an update of all new content and features added during the last three months. Here is the Q3 2020 issue. This covers new content that has been added to the KnowBe4, PhishER, and KCM platforms.

KnowBe4 Quarterly Product Update



This new brandable training module was added by KnowBe4 this month. 

Basics of Credit Card Security

Basics of Credit Card Security
This module covers the basics of credit card security. It is meant for all employees in your organisation who handle credit cards and/or credit card data. Employees will learn what the hackers are after and the techniques hackers use to try and gain access. Plus they will also learn the best practices they can take to protect the organisation and its valuable credit card data.

The Security Awareness Company (SAC)

SAC added five new pieces of training content to the ModStore this month.

KnowBe4 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – October 2020 Security Awareness Newsletter
Cybercrime goes well beyond data breaches and the exposure of confidential information. Sadly it can also lead to life-threatening scenarios or total disruption of services that millions of people rely upon every day. In this issue, we dive into the many threats cybercrime poses and the results of successful attacks. Plus most importantly, how to prevent cybercrime from impacting organisations and individuals.

Security Awareness Newsletter

Scavenger Hunt Fun for Your Employees
Each month, scavenger hunt questions are created to help you gamify and reinforce the topics covered in each newsletter. You can use these questions as-is or edit as you see fit. You can simply look for the complementing pdf of scavenger hunt questions in the ModStore. The newsletter and questions are both available in 18 languages.

PHI in Peril Puzzle

HIPAA Puzzle

Four employees of the Better-U Clinic have violated HIPAA regulations. You can find out who violated what rule, what their job title is, and which patients’ Personal Health Information (PHI) was affected.

You can use this logic puzzle to challenge your users! Puzzles are shown to improve brain elasticity and helps us form new ways of doing things. In this instance, solving problems before they occur. This puzzle can be found under SAC’s security documents content category. 

These two video modules focus on privacy, security, and protecting confidential information. 

HIPAA Training
  • The What, Why, and How of HIPAA
    This short brandable training module will provide your users with a quick overview of HIPAA. Why it matters, and how it impacts all of us, professionally and personally. A brief quiz is included at the end of the course.
  • Privacy vs. Security: What’s the Difference?
    Privacy and security are two sides of the same coin. This video module explains the differences between privacy and security. It then explains why they go hand in hand in protecting your data and your organisation.

All training content from The Security Awareness Company is available at the Diamond subscription level.

Twist & Shout

Security Snapshots Season 1 Series
Twist & Shout delivers a new video series with 12 stand-alone security micro-dramas. Each video takes a light and comedic approach to a fundamental behavioural issue. It demonstrates how employees’ actions can jeopardise your security. The frame-by-frame slow-motion effects educate and entertain your users. It also has how-to conclusions to help avoid these situations.

Security Snapshots Season 1 Series

Topics include phishing, unsecured WiFi, waste-disposal, email attachments, and oversharing on social media.

Restricted Intelligence Season 1 Series – Now with Quizzes
In a world of sensitive information…they were their own worst enemies. In this 6-episode series, your users can watch in disbelief as our well-intentioned but clueless team staggers from one data debacle to another. Pausing only to leave the doors unlocked on the way out and enjoy a little phishing. The new quizzes have been added to the series so your users can take a short quiz at the end of each module. 

Restricted Intelligence Season 1 Series

This brandable series covers topics on passwords and access, safe surfing, phishing, removable media, social media, and mobile devices.

All training content from Twist & Shout is available at the Diamond subscription level.

Popcorn Training

Three new brandable training modules were added this month from Popcorn Training.

Ethics (Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering) & Digital Identity: Authentication.
  • Ethics: Fraud 
    Fraud has the potential to limit the confidence that stakeholders have in an organisation. As well, it can also promote mistrust inside the workplace. Your users can learn how to spot fraud red flags in this short training module.
  • Ethics: Anti-Money Laundering 
    Money laundering can happen in many institutions and is a lot more common than you think. Your users can find out more about the process of money laundering and what to look out for in this training module.
  • Digital ID: Authentication
    From the Building Secure Software Series, episode 6 explains how authentication is the first part of managing the digital identity of your users. Overall, this module covers the basics of authentication controls and how to implement it based on the value of the data in your applications.

All Popcorn Training content is available at the Diamond subscription level.


Three new video modules from exploqii were released in September.

Money Mules, Internet Explorer: End of Support, Cyberattacks Overview
  • Money Mules
    A tempting job advertisement promises high commissions and demands only a small service in return – making a private bank account available for a transaction. But behind the apparently reputable offer is nothing less than money laundering. And those who take up the offer, risk being liable to prosecution. Therefore, your customers can learn about the ‘money mules’ scam in this module.
  • Internet Explorer: End of Support
    The first steps onto the internet: more than a few users took them with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It hasn’t always been the most innovative web browser. However it certainly is one of the most widespread. In the environment of larger organisations in particular, it may represent a risk because older versions are often used. This video module explains why and how important it is to switch to a successor web browser.
  • Overview: Cyberattacks
    What is ransomware – or phishing? And what does it have to do with your data? And your organisation’s security? But above all: How can your users protect themselves? To explain, this video module provides an initial overview of the most widespread attack methods and raises awareness of data security. It also shows that cybersecurity training sessions are an effective way to protect your data, employees, and organisations.

All exploqii content is available at the Diamond subscription level.

El Pescador

Remote Work 
Remote work is now a reality for many employees. It is important to remember how to ensure the security of your organisational data. Not to mention all the information from your employees, suppliers, and customers.

You can use this poster to promote and reinforce the “Remote Work” series as part of your training campaign.

All El Pescador content is available at the Diamond subscription level.


In addition to fresh new training content, you really want content localised to the language needs of your organisation and users. That’s why in addition to constantly updated and new content, KnowBe4 releases fresh new translations regularly to the ModStore.

Any training content with new languages available will be tagged with an orange “New Translation” banner.

Therefore, check out the new translations added in the KnowBe4 ModStore:

  • Tuesdays with Bernie Trader Edition is now available in multiple languages across all seasons.
  • 2020 Security Culture Survey is now available in English US, English GB, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, and Swedish.

In the month of August, 177 new translations were added for the following training content categories:

  • Newsletters/Security Documents/Posters: 34
  • Games/Assessments/Training modules: 34
  • Video Modules: 109

KnowBe4 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

With a Diamond level subscription, there is so much available for your training needs!

As of September 30, 2020 KnowBe4 has: 

  • 1,187 Pieces of Education and Training Content
  • 288 Interactive Training Modules
  • 403 Video Modules
  • 244 Posters and Artwork
  • 229 Newsletters and Security Docs
  • 23 Games
  • Over 5,000 Phishing Templates