With the increased adoption of Microsoft 365, many organisations assume that backup is included in Microsoft 365.  As a platform, Microsoft 365 is secure. However, your data isn’t backed up in a way that you would requireUnfortunately, Microsoft will not cover any data loss caused by your own internal errors, malicious actions, ransomware or any other cybercrime event.  Microsoft (and other Global SaaS vendors like Salesforce) don’t take any responsibility for your data. They only take responsibility for their own infrastructure and operation. In other words, the main reasons for losing data in the cloud are not covered by Microsoft. Plus, it can take days to recover from a ransomware attack. Don’t take chances with the data your business relies on. 

Microsoft themselves even recommend that you seek third-party backup and recovery solutions for Office365 data. A good backup with quick recovery is critical after a ransomware attack or accidental deletion. For instance, restoring sites, entire folders, or mailboxes can be a tedious, manual process. Plus, if the data you need is mission-critical, that means costly downtime you can’t afford.

Also, compliance is one of the key reasons behind the adoption of Microsoft 365 backup solutions.  Typically, there’s only a 30 day retention period inbuilt into Microsoft 365.  Plus Microsoft SharePoint Online is only backed up every 12 hours, within just a 14 day retention time period.  Many Microsoft backup solutions are incredibly flexible. This means that you can keep your email data for as long as you need. Plus you can tailor it to meet your business’s compliance needs. One of the key requirements for meeting many compliance standards, including GDPR, is to ensure that you have constant availability of your data at all times.

Your Microsoft 365 Data is At Risk Without Backup

A recent *Gartner report sums it up. ‘By 2022, 70% of organisations will have suffered a business disruption due to unrecoverable data loss in a SaaS application’.  In a survey of 1000 IT Pros, 81% said they had experienced data loss in Office 365. This was from simple user error to major data security threats.

To avoid losing data, your Microsoft 365 needs backup. You need a third-party backup that stores the data at an independent location. It’s a data protection best-practice.

Complete Microsoft 365 Coverage

Therefore, two products that offer easy to use solutions that give you complete coverage across all workloads: Exchange, One Drive, Teams, SharePoint, Groups and Public Folders are Barracuda and Keepit Cloud Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365. 

No On-Premise Installation

Your Microsoft 365 data is already in the cloud. Now that you’re in the cloud, it makes sense to avoid unnecessary on-premise installation for that backup. Saving secure, encrypted backups in the same network means better performance and instant scalability. Cloud backup means easy deployment and no on-premise installation.  These two solutions are designed with perfect integration for Microsoft cloud services. This means that you can run backups in the background and not impact on how you use the platform.  They offer fully automated backup with several daily backups, ensuring your backed-up data is always up to date.

Easy Find & Recover

It’s not just important to have data backup. It is also vitally important to be able to recover that data and easily. Plus in a format that is easy to use and understand.

Barracuda’s and Keepit’s unique find & recover features make finding and recovering data easy.  You may find and recover anything from a single email to a full user account recursively.  Finding and recovering has never been quicker whilst helping you meet compliance demands at the same time.

Secured and Encrypted

As for security, Keepit will back up your data to the global data centres of your choice.  Your data is stored on two separate physical locations with the latest encryption technology. This ensures your data is backed-up and secure. Barracuda retain three external copies of backed up data.

For more information, check out Keepit and Barracuda Cloud BackUp here.

Keepit Cloud BackUp
Barracuda Cloud to Cloud BackUp

*Gartner Report “Assuming SaaS Applications Don’t Require Backup Is Dangerous”,2019.