Protect your Office 365 users & business against evasive phishing attacks.

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One of the key challenges organisations are currently struggling with, or have seen, is an increase in Evasive Phishing. In addition, Impersonation Attacks and Business Email Compromise are also a problem.  All of these are getting past traditional gateway and perimeter security solutions.

The sophistication of these attacks makes them increasingly successful in avoiding detection and fooling your employees.  This includes those who’ve been through Security Awareness and Training (SAT) programs. Obviously this puts companies at significant financial risk from imposter attacks.

Therefore to secure against phishing attacks, consider another critical layer of security, where it’s needed – right in the user mailbox.

Inbox Security

Cyren Inbox Security is software that connects into O365. It continuously monitors the inbox for phishing attacks that have been missed at the Secure Email Gateways (SEG).

It is an Inbox Detection & Response (IDR) solution that allows organisations to establish a critical layer of email security at the inbox. Thus strengthening your overall security posture.

It’s not a competitor to Secure Email Gateways but a complimentary solution.  It helps to significantly improve the rate of phishing/malicious detection from emails that evade perimeter security and reside in the inbox.

Therefore, protecting your Office 365 mailboxes has never been this easy.

The solution takes less than 10 minutes to integrate and deploy. Cyren then automatically significantly remediates malicious mail. This reduces the time burden on internal teams.

One key feature is that during the POC stage Cyren will produce a free delta report detailing exactly what is being missed by the perimeter security.

When evasive phishing and other threats get past traditional security barriers, Cyren detects them and remediates automatically through:

  • Continuous monitoring of all emails in all folders in user mailboxes
  • Continuous scanning and real-time analysis of URLs and web pages
  • Ongoing analysis of email sender and recipient behaviour to detect anomalies and threat patterns
  • Front-line detection and reporting of new, emerging threats — powered by users
Counter Sophisticated Phishing Threats Automatically

Cyren Inbox Security leverages the native API integration of Office 365. This means there is no requirement to change existing security gateways or appliances. It then continuously detects email threats that are delivered to user mailboxes. Their powerful set of automated remediation tools identify and mitigate a wide range of malicious attacks that avoid detection by perimeter defences, including:

  • Evasive Phishing attacks using techniques such as delayed URL activation, URLs hidden in attachments, HTML obfuscation, sophisticated encryption, real and valid SSL certificates, etc.
  • Spear phishing and spoofed messages that carry no payload to detect
  • BEC, CEO fraud, and other targeted social engineering attacks
  • New zero-day phishing campaigns
  • Account takeovers (credential theft) and monitoring of internal email
Quick Two-Step Deployment

Cyren Inbox Security is a non-intrusive security solution-as-a-service. It complements your existing secure email gateway without the need for MX record changes or any changes to current infrastructure. Get up and running in just a few clicks — simply:

1) Authorise Cyren to access your email flow, and then

2) Configure your preferred filtering and remediation policies, including flexibly applying different rules-based policies to different users and groups.


More than 1.3 billion users around the world rely on Cyren’s cloud security solutions to protect them against cyber-attacks every day. Powered by the world’s largest security cloud, Cyren delivers fast time-to-protection with embedded threat detection, threat intelligence and email security solutions.

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