Test Automation

Want to decrease time to delivery?
Want to improve release quality?
Want to reduce testing costs?
Want to perform continuous integration?

Every software development group tests its products, yet delivered software always has defects.

Test engineers strive to catch them before the product is released but they always creep in and they often reappear, even with the best manual testing processes. Automated software testing is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing.

An automated testing tool is able to playback pre-recorded and predefined actions, compare the results to the expected behaviour and report the success or failure of these manual tests to a test engineer.

S3 have helped many customers achieve just this over the last few years through its strategic partnerships within the field of quality management.
Leveraging its in-house expertise, S3 provides its customers test management strategy, application testing and performance engineering services. We provide test building, automation planning and staff augmentation services to ensure our customers get off to a flying start with the solution.

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