The Impact Of Coronavirus & How Security Testing Comes Into Play.

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Coronavirus Impact
Coronavirus Impact

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a global panic. It has taken its toll on a number of major industries. Gily Netzer from Cymulate examines the impact it has left on the travel industry, supply chain and manufacturing, and on the world economy. She then advises how security testing comes into play. We need to make sure our security is ready.

Coronavirus Creating Worldwide Panic and Business Opportunities for Hackers

Amid the recent Coronavirus epidemic creating pandemonium worldwide, hackers have been exploiting the deadly outbreak to their advantage.  They are disguising information about the virus in the form of malicious emails aimed at Japan courtesy of the notorious Emotet gang.

The new campaign distributes Emotet payloads through emails that warn of the Coronavirus infection. Once the attachment is opened, the unsuspecting victim will then be directed to the familiar Office 365 document.  As a result, this will then allow the malware to install and infect the devices.

Another malicious email attack borrows the World Health Organisation as a “trusted source”.  They are trying to dupe victims into installing the AgentTesla Keylogger via a document attachment.  This is in an attempt to steal both personal and financial information.

Along with new phishing techniques comes other Coronavirus-related scams that have risen in the last couple of days amid the Coronavirus outbreak. One such scam recently circulating in the news was an online masks scam.   Sadly this tricked 3,000 people in Hong Kong to purchase the masks but they never received them or heard back from the seller.

Unfortunately the demand for masks has beyond exceeded production, causing a frenzy among concerned people in China and all across the continent. Since February 2020, there have been a reported 7,500 coronavirus-related fraud cases in China totalling over 192 million Yuan or $28 million.  

Coronavirus Impact on the Global Supply Chain

Global supply chains have been feeling the impact of the outbreak. Supplies and raw materials are becoming scarce as workers go into quarantine. As a result international businesses are having to rethink their supply chain strategy.

Furthermore, Chinese manufacturers are suffering immense financial setbacks as their PMI dropped to 35.7 in February from 50 in January.  This is the lowest it has been since 2004. In addition, production has also come to a halt as more workers remain in quarantine.  

Health guidelines and travel restrictions have caused manufacturers and international retailers to shift their methods of transportation.  Consequently, they are having  to consider alternative routes to move materials and reach customers abroad, potentially costing millions in the process.

Some of the biggest names in the industry have been hit hard too. Titans such as Apple, Starbucks, Nike, Home Depot, and Microsoft – have all begun cutting down on services and staff in China until the Coronavirus epidemic subsides.

The Financial Impact of the Coronavirus

Wall Street has felt the impact of the Coronavirus with substantial losses unseen in over a decade. Many investors have even speculated a global recession.  This could potentially be larger than the 2008 financial crisis which cost the U.S. economy trillions of dollars.

Fears of a widespread epidemic have left major market indexes such as NASDAQ, the S&P 500, FTSE, and the Dow Jones plunging by over 200 points a week ago down and hitting new record lows since the 2008 recession.  

The financial toll may rise even further as investors continue to panic and manufacturers cease production, at least for the foreseeable future.  

Coronavirus Impact on Travel

Not since 9/11 and the 2003 SARS outbreak has the travel industry been hit so hard. Cancelled flights and low tourism demand due to the Coronavirus outbreak could cost airlines over $30 billion as companies continue to limit business-related travel.  

Companies such as Google and Salesforce have taken safety precautions by suspending non-essential travel.  Others have been limiting on-site job interviews and asking employees not to bring any guests until things clear up.

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